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PROFESSIONal molinos with colour print on material in accordance with its application tailored and ready-made also with various graphic designs.
M2 is aggregated in the case of more pcs up to 150 cm width above 150 cm width 15% extra charge
Application outstanding material HP quality print term of outdoor application 1-5 m2 5-10m2 10-30m2 30-50m2 felett egyéb
Indoor molino 340g Eco laminated banner 1 sided not recommended 3.500 HUF+VAT 2.800 HUF+VAT 2.400 HUF+VAT 1.990 HUF+VAT /m2
Outdoor molino 440g laminated banner 1 sided for mid-term 3.500 HUF+VAT 2.800 HUF+VAT 2.400 HUF+VAT 1.990 HUF+VAT /m2
Long-term outdoor molino 500g frontlit moulded banner 1 sided for long-term 4.200 HUF+VAT 3.700 HUF+VAT 3.200 HUF+VAT 2.700 HUF+VAT /m2
Two-sided molino 510g PVC banner 2 sided for short-term 7.000 HUF+VAT 6.000 HUF+VAT 5.000 HUF+VAT Individual price /m2
Shipping all over Hungary 2.000 HUF+VAT 3.000 HUF+VAT 5.000 HUF+VAT Individual price /occasion
Graohic design (if needed, should you not have ready-for-print graphic design) hourly 4 000 HUF+VAT /hour
Method of tailoring included in the offer: seamed with rings placed ~ 50 cm distance from each other. The price of different confection shall be separately agreed.
These prices are net prices for items; VAT is not included. | Discounts are valid until recalled. | In the case of ordering in bulk, please, contact us for individual quotation.