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  • quick installation,
  • cheap and large promotional surface for long-term promotional and advertising objectives
  • dimensions matching graphics, requirements and surfaces
  • outdoor lifetime of more years,
  • can be prepared either by sawing or by welding, and
  • may be a two-sided promotional surface.

You do not have a graphic designer or you have some difficulties with graphic design? Ask for the assistance of our colleagues here.

Available sizes:
There are no dimensional limits, as molinos can be welded by overlapping, therefore, they can be prepared in infinite sizes.
When finalizing the molinos, the material is folded back on all 4 sides and the edges are either sawn or welded.

Molinos are that promotional tool distributed by our company that is sold in the greatest amount.

Its reasons:

  • low price,
  • easy to place,
  • long-term outdoor appearance,
  • two-sided prints can be prepared,
  • you may select from more print types in accordance with the requirements arising during application – for more details, please, ask for the assistance of our colleagues, and
  • molinos can be used in several places, such as in shops, on fences, facades, boards, buildings and at exhibitions and events.

How to tailor molinos:
After folding back the edges of the print, they can be finalized by one of the following methods:
Sewing – straight sewing with tear resistant sewing thread: single sewing for indoor molinos and double sewing for outdoor ones.
Welding- recommended for indoor and outdoor molinos as well.
Adhesive tape – recommended for short-term objectives.
In the case of large size prints (when producing sizes that exceed the dimensions of the material) we weld the overlapping sheets.
After welding or sewing, the following tools may be used for hanging the molinos:
Nickel rings in 3 sizes for different conditions of placing the molino:
9.5 mm diameter rings that frame a 9.5 mm hole on the molino (total diameter: 19 mm)
11 mm diameter rings that frame a 11 mm hole on the molino (total diameter: 25 mm)
18.2 mm diameter rings that frame a 18.2 mm hole on the molino (total diameter: 29 mm)
Print types:
You may choose from different print types in accordance with your promotional objectives. For more details, please, ask for the assistance of our expert colleagues. Our portfolio of prints include cheap PVC banners for short term use and BO PVC banners for mid-term use.
Molinos are available in the following print types:
Replace Eco laminated banner
Description: 340 g, matt and laminated banner which is recommended primarily for short-term, indoor promotional objectives.
Replace BO 510 PVC banner (blockout) recommended for two-sided prints:
Description: 510 g-os blockout banner, a matt banner with a blockout layer in the middle for short- or mid-term promotional objectives. The blockout banner material provides outstanding quality in places where good blockout feature is required. Two-sided graphics can also be prepared on this material.
SOBA 440 laminated banner:
Description: 440 g laminated PVC banner for short- and mid-term promotional objectives. In the case of indoor application, it can be used on the long-term.
Heytex 5022 frontlit moulded vinyl banner:
Description: 500 g banner of moulded vinyl, which may be weather-resistant outdoors on long-term as well.

Table to help with choosing the right banner material (please, contact our colleagues):

g/m2 outdoor application two-sided print moulded/laminated
Replace Eco laminated banner 340 340 not recommended no laminated
Replace BO 510 PVC banner 510 for short-term yes laminated
SOBA 440 laminated banner 440 for short-term no laminated
Heytex 5022 frontlit moulded banner 500 for long-term no moulded

Moulded or laminated banner:
Several times the demands of the buyers are not considered on the market, however, we would like to find the most optimal solution for You.
If you need advertisement surface outdoors for short term, a greater weight laminated banner may rather suit your needs. In this case it is unnecessary for You to spen more money on a moulded banner.
Should you wish to use a molino outdoors for long-term, we recommend you to buy a moulded molino.
When to use a blockout banner?
If you place it in a frame and it is lit from its rear side, i.e. its print is exposed to light, we recommend you to use a blockout banner.
In the case of two-sided prints, only a blockout banner can be used, and therefore different prints can be used on the two sides.
Features of the print:
With the help of the third generation HP printer we use we can print to places where it was not acceptable before owing to the strong smell of the print (UV) or its solvent content (ecosolvent). You do not have to be concerned about your environment any more as the received print will be smell-free and environment friendly. The Latex 360 printer we use has REACH, ENERGYSTAR, WEE, RoHS, and EPEAT Bronze certificates, therefore, it meets the most up-to-date environmental requirements.
The scratch resistance of the nex Latex paint is outstanding. It highly outperforms ecosolvent or solvent paints. Furthermore, permanent prints are made cheaper as they are not needed to be laminated.
The lifetime of these prints equals to the lifetime of prints made with ecosolvent technology: 3 years outdoors without being laminated and 5 years indoors.
Indoor application without harmful chemicals and smell!
Prints produced by us can be freely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, moreover, in all indoor places where smell-free and environment friendly print is essential.

Submitting graphic design materials:
Applicable file formats:

  • PDF : Texts and contours shall be converted to objects befor submitting materials.
  • JPEG: When saving, please, use relatively weak encryption (10-12).
  • CDR, AI, EPS: Texts and contours shall be converted to objects befor submitting materials.

Graphic requirements:

  • Please, submit graphics in real 100% size with 150-300 DPI, PPI resolution, containing 3mm edge and crop marks.
  • Save the files in the highest quality and with the weakest encryption.
  • If the graphic material includes pictures, their resolution shall be 300 DPI, PPI at least.
    Tags and texts in the graphic material shall be converted to shape.
  • If pictures are inserted into the material by an external link, please, attach the source files to the material as well.
  • Graphic materials may be submitted with both RGB and CMYK colour model.

Do you have some difficulties with graphic design? Ask for the assistance of our colleagues here.
Molino prices include the following services:
Tailoring the print to the proper size:
Sewing, welding or using adhesive tape: applying the most suitable method maching the promotional objective.
Placing nickel rings in the folded edge 40 cm from each other (if you need shorter distance between the rings, you will be charged for extra payment) in the size depending on the placement of the print.