Complex marketing procurements

Is your company preparing for a major campaign? Does your campaign, event or project need more advertising vehicles or tools at the same time?

Commission us with all these tasks to see your advertising processes in one hand in order to be able to control them all. Our deadline warranty and our professional expertise can make sure that everything will have been finished by the deadline in excellent quality.

This effective support is operated by the business branch of the company that is specialised to complex marketing procurements. This way we can save time and energy for you besides being cost-effective.

Marketing services:

Adapting to the aims and the conditions of the project, we create a successful marketing concept including the marketing message to be communicated, its creative graphic design, its text and content and the necessary advertising vehicles, too.

Finally, you can leave the implementation to us also.

Pursuant to the philosophy of our company, we support each idea having novelty and innovation.

Building or changing image:
Should you need new image for your newly established company or a starting campaign, please, feel free to contact us. The team of makes proposals for all the elements from logo design, through the font of the company to webdesign.

In the case of existing images, facelift can be necessary within particular intervals. Besides our youthful and dynamic ideas, we keep traditional concept in mind too.

Brand building:
Build also your company name and brand name intensively. Communication connected to the brand shall be completed with brand, confidence and image building, as these can credit your products with value and keep your market prices high.

Besides consulting, we can show you in practice how to strengthen the brand of your company successfully.

What is the distinctive and unique feature of your company that differentiates it from the competitors? can help you with unique communication design or individual product line to excel from the advertising noise and out of the rivals.

“Different and new is relatively easy. Doing something that’s genuinely better is very hard” (Jonathan Ive)

You may see our services in details, browse our products, ask for the assistance of our expert colleagues, or – in the case of specific ideas – ask for quotation here.