Introduction of our company:

Our aim is that you could fascinate your customers with our products

Our company works based on the need that our clients could affect their target group, market and customers more successfully. We support the achievement of your objectives with high-quality printing solutions, printed and embroidered promotional gifts and by implementing complex marketing tasks related to it.

Our company was established during our college years. We organized several events and had many publications printed at that time, however, the selected subcontractors often had difficulties with deadlines and their production or performance were frequently faulty. As a consequence, we decided to manage these activities on our own and we founded our company that dealt with mediating printing services then. By today our company possesses own production capacity, and our high-quality ERP and production management IT system assures that all our clients receive their products meeting the highest professional criteria by deadline.

Our aesthetic and upmarket products will support you to establish credibility, authenticity and consumer confidence and to carry out convincing sales activities. This is how our professional advice and ideas may help you to achieve your business goals.

Since founding our company in 2003, the number of our satisfied clients is increasing by 20% annually. We are proud to have produced more than 100 000 issues of printing products and to have a range of promotional gifts of more than 1 000 goods.

We are continuously improving our work to leap ahead the latest trends and to be able to recommend you the latest solutions that can make you unique at your market; therefore, we can contribute to your competitiveness.

Thanks to our client-centered approach and fully comprehensive services, you may receive your products manufactured according to your ideas from one company.

We are obliged by the agreed deadlines, thus, our clients have deadline warranty.

Pursuant to our business philosophy, we always find and harmonize all the possibilities, ideas and solutions that can enable our clients to reach their goals successfully.

Our motto also mirrors this approach saying: „Nothing is impossible for us.”

You may see our services in details, browse our products, ask for the assistance of our expert colleagues, or – in the case of specific ideas – ask for quotation here.